• Barbara Ginley

Riding the Carousel

Anyone who lived through the 1960s is likely to remember Kodak's Carousel, a circular contraption that held your slides and projected them onto a screen.

People invited friends over to show them slides from their vacation. Families were able to relive happy memories, and siblings kidded one another about this or that pose.

Modern technology sent the Carousel packing, but thanks to Enjoy Again, you can see your slides once more. We scan each one into the the computer and create jpg files, then we put them on a flash drive or DVD so you can view them on your computer.

Next, we take your slides and create a video. So you can sit back and watch your memories as they glide by, one-by-one.

Call Axel Hoyer at 440-724-3192 to make arrangements for us to bring back your memories to Enjoy Again.

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