• Barbara Ginley

Making Memories Last

So, what’s it like to preserve precious memories?

I was about to find out.

Axel sat me down in front of the computer. A fresh notebook and a new pen stood at the ready. We each had a controller in hand, while Axel showed me how it was done.

“First you make sure it’s on HDD, see how the blue light comes on,” Axel began.

So far, so good.

Four score and twenty instructions later, I was scribbling furiously in the notebook.

Patiently, Axel ran through it again.

Then he had me try it.

“You’ll get the hang of it in no time,” he assured me.

I slogged my way through the first tape, which was a full-length football game. “No time” turned into “a whole bunch of time.” But I did complete the task.

“Okay,” Axel said, once that was finished. “Now you’re going to start editing the home movies I’ve got stored. I’ve already copied them off the VHS tapes.”

Carefully following the step-by-step instructions, I was able to work my way through the first stack of VHS tapes.

So, who taught Axel how to do all this?

Axel taught Axel.

It quickly became clear to me that Axel puts a lot of care and effort into converting tapes and creating the finished product. Which, if you’re entrusting your home movies to someone, is what you want to know.

Once the DVDs have been created, they’re handsomely labeled and housed within plastic sheets. The sheets go into a customized binder.

It takes a lot of work to preserve memories. But it’s never been so easy to Enjoy Again. 

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